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      hello users!!
      i have been trying to propagate electric field along the tapered fiber using OptiBPM to see the multimode interference along the wave guide in 2d/3d.Can anyone guide me how to achieve it? i have attached one of the figure which i am trying to obtain.
      Hoping to get help from your end!
      With regards

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      Damian Marek

      Hi surjit,

      Start with trying the 2D tutorial at :

      Defining Materials for the MMI Coupler

      This will guide you in the correct way for creating and placing elements, it should be a simple step to change the waveguides to optical fiber waveguides, using the Profile Manager.

      After you have created the correct layout of your design the first graph should automatically be created from the output of the simulation. To include information of the normalized power in the simulation you need to change a few options. If you follow the tabs to Simulation ->Additional Output Data you can include more data in your simulation (e.g. Power vs. Propagation Distance).

      I have attached a section of the User Reference that explains these options.


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