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      hello guys..can anybody please tell me the significance of Noise center frequency in EDFA..please consider a case, for example, we are having 3 channel WDM system employing EDFA in the link..channels being 1540,1540.8,1541.6 nm..now if i set EDFA noise center frequency to 1550 nm, will it be different from setting it to 1540.8 nm …if yes, please refer any article/post where i can figure out the relation between setting noise center frequency to 1550 nm or 1540.8..or for that matter the criteria to select EDFA noise center frequency..
      thankss alot

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Mani,

      The noise center frequency tells OptiSystem which frequency to center the noise around. Along with the noise bandwidth, OptiSystem will then determine which range of frequencies to calculate the noise for. Normally the bandwidth is set to 13 THz which covers a WIDE range of frequencies. In your case change the center frequency will not have an effect on end results. Since I am guessing you are modulating in the GHz range.

      If you had a signal at 170 THz then you would need to change the center frequency, because the noise bins would not overlap the signal. You can use a Optical Spectrum Analyzer to make sure that the green noise bins are correctly overlapping your signals.


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