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      Areej Al-Saffar

      How can i use DSP component for PS-QPSK ???
      To allow me increase fiber length.

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      Abdallah Ismail

      I think the dispersion is the main difference.
      Select the dispersion tap in DSP and write your length.

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      Areej Al-Saffar

      I did it but the result very bad in constellation.

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      How are you using DSP component for PS-QPSK, for increase fiber length. Can you attach the screen shot of the same. which version are you using? The new version of OptiSystem 13.0 has a new Universal DSP component with a complete suite of DSP algorithms (including a new nonlinear compensation model) for analysing various modulation formats.

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      Alessandro Festa

      Hi Areej, can you post your configuration and DSP settings?

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      Hi Areej,

      The transmission length is increased due to chromatic, PMD compensation as well as mitigation of nonlinear effects. If I am not mistaken, the main techniques for mentioned compensations are forward error correction (FEC), up-sampling and Nyquist prefiltering and equalization of a transmitter frequency response. I agree with Rk Sethi that OptiSystem 13.0 has more advanced DSP than previous versions do.

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      can anybody describe what is DSP exactly? and what it can be helpful? maneythanks

Viewing 6 reply threads
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