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      hi everyone. i would like to ask how I generate a digitized radio signal at transmitter. is there any component that can produce a digital rf or should I use like sine generator and then convert it with ADC?
      or maybe any of you guys have a simple architecture (OSD file) for digitized RoF system?
      I need help for designing this, please.
      thank you, I will appreciate so much for the answer

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      you can use the user-defined bit sequence generator in GBits/sec region followed by any kind of pulse generator like NRZ pulse generator to get an electrical signal in the RF region.

      hope this helps,
      Mohamed Abouseif

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      thanks for the answer. so basically in optisystem the data is already digitized or maybe digital, am I right? and for designing digitized RoF i dont need other component to make the signal digitized?

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      No exactly,
      you can generate CW signal.
      but if you want to digitalize the data, just you can do it by drive any pulse generator with certain Pseudo random bit generator (PRBG)

      Mohamed Abouseif

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      ah, I now get it. Thanks a lot Mr. Mohamed for the answer!!

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      mohamed diaa

      so what is the difference between sine generator and pseudo generator , as if i want to simulate triple play GPON to transmit video and data, in data i will use pseudo generator and in video i also use the same or i will use the sine generator??

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      sin generator is used to generate CW electrical signal, while Pseudo Random Bit Generator (PRBG) is used to generate a random sequence binary data either video and data.
      Sin generator signal is fully defined, like its frequency and amplitude. while PRBG delivers an almost random sequence of zeros and ones despite their amplitude and duration is defined by the user.

      Hope that clarify the differences,
      Mohamed Abouseif

Viewing 6 reply threads
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