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      oussama gharbi


      I need to convert my output signal which is a binary signal (complex value) into analog signal (Electrical signal). I’m working with Optisystem 10.

      someone can help me ?


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      RZ or NRZ generators might be used to convert to electrical from binary.
      afterwards, there are Digital to analogue component that could be used

      hope that helps,

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      oussama gharbi

      Mohamed A. A. Abouseif, Thanks for your interest.

      My main goal is to display the GFDM waveform spectrum in the RF spectrum analyzer component, i use only MATLAB and i get the correct spectrum depicted in figure1.
      When i implement the system in Optisystem (see figure2), i get two shape of spectrum, the first one was displayed with the plot command of the OutputPort1.Sample.Signal in MATLAB command window (see figure3) and the other one is draw in RF spectrum analyzer (figure4).

      So in Optisystem i get two different spectrum for the same signal which are different to the good spectrum shape in figure1.

      Can you Help me please !!!

      Many thanks

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      you might use high sampling rate. please upload your files

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