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      Parikhit Dutta


      I have been trying to figure out the fundamental difference between WDM Add/Drop and and a combination of FBG with Coupler in OptiSystem.

      Of all that I have read, OADM (Optical Add Drop Multiplexers) is used in WDM systems for combining several optical signals. It has functionality for adding/dropping select wavelengths and usually consists of an FBG and circulators.

      I read that in the OptiSystem Documentation that the WDM Add Block consists of filters followed by a combiner while the WDM Drop consists of a splitter followed by filters. In a certain application that I am trying to simulate I am splitting several optical components generated by an MZM through WDM Drop blocks and then recombining select components using WDM Add blocks. I then replaced the WDM Drop Blocks by an FBG (with Optical Rectangular Filter to limit the undesired components). The WDM Add Blocks were replaced by Optical Couplers. I expected the response in both the cases to be the same. However they differ greatly. Am I making a fundamental mistake? Or is there something that I have missed?

      Thank you.

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      Damian Marek

      Without looking at your project it is hard to say why it is giving a difference, but as I said the couplers act differently than a power combiner so I would try using a Power Combiner.

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      Heitor Galvao

      It is possible to attach the project? What application are you using?

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      Atul Sharma

      Hi Parikhit.

      Can you help me. I have a question you know i am testing a signal addition in WDM add component.. I have a confusion regarding the functionality of the add component. If i am transmitting a signal from the source end ( CW Laser) which is modulated ( using particular modulation scheme) and then supply this modulated signal to the add component ( whose reference wavelength is 1553nm or 193.1 THz) , Now my question is if the signal that is added by the add component is self modulated or i can change the different parameters of that signal.
      I would like to hear from you.
      Atul Sharma

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