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      What is the difference between linear scattering loss and non linear scattering loss in optical fiber?

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      Roman Ibragimov

      emmm. I can recommend you book Agraval “Fiber optic”. Kerr effect explains difference between this losses

      Or maybe i don’t understand question 🙂

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      The main difference is phycical nature of the scattering mechanisms.

      Linear scattering losses, which also called Rayleigh scattering losses, are due to microscopic variation in the material of the fiber: unequal distribution of molecular densities or atomic densities leads to these losses. Rayleigh scattering losses proportional to frequency of light to the 4th power.

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      Non-linear Scattering represented mainly by Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) or Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) may be regarded as the modulation of light through thermal molecular vibrations within the fiber. SRS is similar to SBS except that high frequency optical phonon rather than acoustic phonon is generated in scattering processes. Phonon – collective excitation in a periodic arrangement of atoms or molecules in solid.
      High irradiance/intensity of light beam is the main reason of non-linear scattering to occur.

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      Saurav Chanda

      Go through nonlinear fiber optics by G.P Agarwalla. It has got your answer.


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