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      Regarding to the new technologies and old one would you please put the option for electrodes in FDTD?(like BPM) seriously I wish to have this option and I do not want to go for any other software’s, please do something about it, thanks.

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Mohammad,

      To be clear you want the ability to have an electrically controlled dielectric constant through the electro-optic effect?

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      The exact thing that I want to do is connecting my waveguide to electricity i this simulation like BPM and on the other hand I would be happy to have the option to open my BPM files in the FDTD. 🙂

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      Damian Marek

      Do you have a schematic or article of your desired simulation? Parts of it may be possible for simulation by splitting up the domain into an OptiBPM and OptiFDTD problem.

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      schematic that I am dealing with is easy, it is splitter, just Y shape. would you please describe more? I wish bpm and FDTD some how combine some features together one day!!!! many thanks

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      I share the same wish/advice

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      Mubarak Ali


      Is there any option to define electrodes in optiFDTD. My requirement is to control my photonic device using electric field. I have done it in optiBPM. Furthe I want to do it in optiFDTD. Please share the possibility of doing same in optiFDTD. Thanks in advance…

Viewing 6 reply threads
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