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      mohammed hosni

      please,i need to know :
      in cw lase component there is parameter called Linewidth, i need to know what is the meaning of it? and what are the normal values of it?

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      Dhananjay Patel

      Laser linewidth is the spectral linewidth of a laser beam.

      Two of the most distinctive characteristics of laser emission are spatial coherence and spectral coherence. While spatial coherence is related to the beam divergence of the laser, spectral coherence is evaluated by measuring the laser linewidth of the radiation.

      In short, Linewidth is nothing but the accuracy or the bandwidth of the laser it emits. Let us suppose you buy a laser of 1550nm with linewidth of 10MHz, then it will generate 1550nm +- 10MHz bandwidth.

      In order to understand the concept better watch videos of laser fundamentals given at this link

      This will explain the concept of linewidth in a better way.

      Let me know if you have doubts

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      gaganpreet Kaur

      additionaly linewidth of laser can vary from 0.1 Mhz to 10 Mhzalues . we prefer lower values of linewidth for multichannel systems with narrow channel spacing.

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        Hi Gaganpreet, I remember telling you to put laser linewidth 0.1 MHz in one of your designs and it helped. However, Laser linewidth can also have values less than 0.1 MHz. It can actually have values of about a couple of kilo Hertz. generally, you can find smaller linewidths in lasers with lower power levels.

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      mohammed hosni

      is the value of laser Linewidth can be taken in pulse broadening equation or not??

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