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      Hau Duong

      Dear developer optiwave !
      I am a student in Military Technical Academy. I have a research project this August. Currently, I hope you can help me with some minor problems with optiwave. First, I look forward to helping you on CRZ and SCRZ Pulse Generator in the library. I just found RZ and NRZ.
      Can I use the software until the end of August, please help me complete this project. Thank you so much.
      Finally, I would like to thank the developer team for giving me the opportunity to do my job. Thanks again.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Hau,
      You may find an example on the different modulation schemes that you’ve mentioned at the following link of OptiSystem Example Library.
      C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\OptiSystem 17.0 Samples\Advanced modulation systems


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