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      Fauza Khair

      Dear All,
      So Sorry.. I must edit my topic.

      Please help me about direct intensity modulation, especially about VCSEL laser parameters.
      I will attach my project, .osd file and block diagram, .png file.
      I can’t get the best result for the constellation visualizer in receiver.

      Give me please your advice and recommendation parameters or components which are used in this project.

      Thank you before.



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      Hi Fauza,

      As it can be noticed, the constellation visualizer has two input ports, which correspond to the In-phase axis and the quadrature axis of the constellation. Here you have only one output from your quadrature modulator. besides, may I ask what you expect to see in an output signal from the OFDM and quadrature modulator? Thank you.


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      Fauza Khair

      Thank you alistu…^_^

      Please give me your advice about the VCSEL Laser parameters and other parameters in this project. I can’t get the same result according to my reference paper.
      I’m going to compare the constellation visualizer results for before and after elecrical rescale is used..

      I have attached .osd file and .png block diagram and visualizer results from that paper too.

      Thank you so much

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        Can you please also introduce the paper whose results you are trying to reproduce? While I will check your file after you introduce (and attach if possible) the paper, reproducing the exact same results as those of a paper is really hard. I think it’s important that the system is implemented correctly according to the paper.

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      Fauza Khair

      OK… Thank
      The title of that paper is Direct and External Intensity Modulation in OFDM RoF Links. You can see in ieeexplore.. ^_^

      For external modulation, LiNB MZM and CW Laser are used in simulation. In this case, I have get same result. I Think the main parameters almost same with the example of OptiSystem13.

      But, I can’t get same result for direct intesity. Electrical rescale and VCSEL are used in simulation.

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