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      Timothy Creswick


      Running the latest version downloaded earlier today:

      Product Name: OptiSystem
      Product Version: 13,0,2, 166
      File Version: 13,0,2, 166

      Things were working fine, however all of a sudden each time I press the calculate button the application hangs for a moment and then displays the attached error message.

      It now doesn’t matter how simple I make a layout; if I just have a single CW transmitter the application will fail to calculate.

      Platform is Windows 7 x64. Unfortunately I can’t easily test on another platform since virtualisation is blocked.

      I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application a few times, but this doesn’t resolve the issue.

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      Bryan Tipper


      I sent this information to our support teams (so they should be contacting you shortly).

      Can you please re-attach the error message?


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      Damian Marek

      Hi Timothy,

      I have the same exact OptiSystem version and platform as you, but I have not encountered this problem myself. I realize that the problem exists for any layout of components you try, but if you could please reply with an attached project that fails, I could test it out on my end to verify if the project file is corrupted.


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      Ashish Gupta

      I am facing the same problem of consistent crashes while calculating. What to do further?

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