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      I’m trying to design a 180 degrees arc waveguide (semi ring). I know the normal paraxial approximation based BPM won’t solve it and so I need to use either “Conformal Mapping” of “Pade Appraximans”.
      Alas I wasn’t able to find any tutorials to guide me how to avail of those methods.

      Does anyone knows if such tutorials exist, and if so where?

      If they don’t, can anyone be so kind as to help me understand how to use those tools, or at least direct me?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Damian Marek


      We have some technical background on conformal mapping on our website at:

      Conformal Mapping Regions Introduction

      If you also search through the OptiBPM User Reference Manual you will find a section on Conformal Mapping and how to use it, starting at page 187.


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      Steve Dods

      I don’t have tutorials, but I have material to read and sample files. This is what is in the attachments:

      FibreBendX.bpd == conformal map examples in OptiBPM for bend loss on fibres
      FibreBendLoss.doc == description and comparison of results
      FibreBendLoss.fcd == results from OptiFiber
      Conformal Map Theory.pptx == The theory behind the conformal map method in BPM

      I can also recommend two papers on the subject:

      Ross T. Schermer, and James H. Cole, “Improved Bend Loss Formula Verified for Optical Fiber by Simulation and Experiment”, IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, VOL. 43, NO. 10, p899-909 OCTOBER 2007

      Dietrich Marcuse, “Field deformation and loss caused by curvature of optical fibres”, J. Opt. Soc. Am., Vol. 66, No. 4, p311-320 April 1976

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