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      Stavros Pissadakis

      Dear Optiwave FDTD Community,

      We would like to simulate the confinement loss over a wavelength range and the band structure of an all-solid photonic band gap fiber, where the fibre body is made from silica glass and the high refractive index inclusions are made from a silver doped phosphate glass with refractive index greater than 1.8. We have bought the OptiFDTD V.8 64bit version sometime ago, but it is not very obvious to us how we can make this over a wavelength range these calculations. Any help would be much appreciated since we are in the middle of a manuscript submission process.

      Best regards,


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      Damian Marek

      Hi Stavros,

      It might be slightly different in OptiFDTD 8, but you can look at the tutorial on band gap simulations at:

      FCC Lattices of Air Spheres in Dielectric

      To perform a transmission vs wavelength type simulation, try a Gaussian Modulated Continuous Wave pulse as your input field. A very short pulse will have a large amount of frequency content. Then at the output place an Observation Area. Once the simulation is done, you can view the normalized (w.r.t Input Plane) Power detected as a function of wavelength. Again there is a tutorial that might make it clearer for you.

      Observation Points, Areas, and Lines

      Hope this helps!

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