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      Dear Optiwave,
      I wish to include some Optiwave 2D intensity maps in a publication which I am writing. This simulation work originated with a colleague who has now left the university.
      The colour maps I have are without a colour spectrum scale annotated with units. I think that the scale is probably red = 1 and blue = 0 going downwards via yellow and green. I do not know for sure whether this is a linear scale or a logarithmic scale.
      Is there any place in the set up of Optiwave BPM where such parameters are determined or changed?
      Now that I have your 30-day trial of the version 13 which was used at the time, I may be able to inspect the parameter set up in the original files.

      Thank you for your help,

      Dr Jessica Maclean.

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      Scott Newman

      Dr. Maclean,

      The scale within the product is not fixed to bounds of 1 and 0. Instead it is, assuming it is the default settings, linearly spread from the maximum value to the minimum value of the field. I do specify the default settings as you can set those bounds and the scaling within the OptiBPM Analyzer through the right click context menu available when inspecting a field.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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