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      Dr Rk Sethi

      You all are knowing that Co-simulation between Matlab and OptiSystem is possible and it is very easy to perform.
      One can start the simulation in Matlab / OptiSystem,
      transfer the data to Optisyatem / Matlab and
      import it back to Matlab / OptiSystem.

      I wish to know is it possible perform Co-simulation in other product of the Optiwave?

      for example the simulation can start in Matlab / Optiwave PRODUCT and
      then transfer the data to Optiwave PRODUCT / Matlab and finally
      import it back to Matlab / Optiwave PRODUCT.

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      Abdallah Ismail

      You are right,It is possible all you are mentioned.
      check this page, https://optiwave.com/resources/downloads/optisystem-hot-topics/
      you’ll find Matlab Co-Simulation and Optiwave Co-Simulation

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      Abdallah Ismail

      you should start in matlab or optiwave and then call the second software.

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      Heitor Galvao

      I’m sure you can do matlab–> optisystem—> optiperformer
      for example, the opposite also. Your raciocicinio is totally valid, I can’t cite another product because even use optiwave optisystem that meets my demands.

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      Ajay Vyas

      Yes it it possible , We are working on RoF link in which data generated in Optisystem & analysis on MATLAB platform

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      hi Ajay!
      Thanks for the sharing;
      actually I wish to know is it possible perform Co-simulation in other product of the Optiwave, apart from Optisystems?

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      Harjit Singh

      Yes, it could be down. I am doing for OOFDM.

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