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      Ahmed Nouman

      Hi guys! I am working to achieve plausible BERs and good constellations for CO-OFDM transmission upto 1800 km of SSMF using hybrid amplification, yours suggestion required.

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      Damian Marek

      You could start with the example file attached (it can also be found in your OptiSystem Samples folder) and work from there. In [1], they get 1000 km of propagation with a BER of 10-3, although they don’t really describe their amplifier setup. Also their multiplexing format is not exactly OFDM.

      [1] W. Shieh, Q. Yang, and Y. Ma, “107 Gb/s coherent optical OFDM transmission over 1000-km SSMF fiber using orthogonal band multiplexing,” Opt. Express 16, 6378-6386 (2008).

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      sofien mhatli

      hi ahmed, yes FOR 1800 KM i think you need aan equalizer to get good constellation

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