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      Rafie bin Amran

      Hi, I want to ask a question about Circulator bidirectional.

      I’m using Circulator bidirectional in my design. As you can see in the figure that I attached below. The back signal input (1) coming from optical delay_1 OSA is different than Circulator Foward OSA (2) that comes out from the Circulator bidirectional. Correct me if I’m wrong, The signal should be the same right? Because the signal is not yet going through the Fiber Bragg grating. For the setting at Circulator bidirectional, I set the wavelength dependence as an independent (default setting).

      Please help me. Thank you.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Rafie,
      yes, you are correct. However, please check the index of the OSA, you need to increase it because of using the delay elements.
      One more thing you could try is to set the Signal iteration in the Main layout properties window to 3 or 5 and recalculate. Again, don’t forget to increase the index of the OSA to the max value to view the signal.

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      Rafie bin Amran

      Dear ahmad,

      Thank you. Now I see the signal.


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