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      Dear all,

      I am new with OptiSym. I am using optiwave for the compensation of Chromatic Dispersion (CD), using DSP at the receiver end, in the coherent optical communication. For this I have to use the MATLAB component, for running the particular algorithms encoded in MATLAB, in the OptiSystem. In another one can say I am using co-simulation of MATLAB and Optisystem. In the MATLAB code I have used a parameter ‘sampling interval’. For getting this parameter I have a requirement of sampling frequency of input signals (4 inputs) coming at the ‘MATLAB Component’ block. I have basically two problems: The first one is how to measure the sampling frequency of those input signals? and second one is what should be the format of the input signals (electrical or M-ary), since they are coming from the analog to digital converter (ADC) block?

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      Damian Marek

      Your first question can be solved by creating a new Parameter in the Matlab component and using the scripting functionality to set it equal to the Layout parameter “Sample rate”. You could also calculate it quickly from the time step data from the input port.

      The signal format will still be electrical. The ADC block simulates a generated discrete electrical signal.


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