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      Aadil Raza

      How can we generate chaotic signal using laser in optisystem?

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      Hi Aadil,

      We can create a chaotic signal using an ideal single mode laser driven by a dc bias generator. Open up the dc bias generator and change the mode from normal to sweep then go into the parameter sweep window and change the spread to Gaussian. I gave the Gaussian distribution a nominal value 0.3 and standard deviation 0.1. This essentially makes the bias generator output random values and which will randomly vary the center frequency of the laser.


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      Aadil Raza

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for the reply. Please let me know one more thing how can we check the chaoticity of the generated chaotic signal? I mean is there any method in optisystem or algorithm in Matlab?

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      muhammad jawad

      Dear Josh

      Thanks for imparting good relevant information regarding chaotic laser. Can we have your email address.?

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      Elaf Ayad

      (Awaiting moderation)

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