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      Hui Jing

      Good day all, i am working on some simulation using Chalcogenide Glass Fiber which has a different nonlinear refractive index from the optical fiber model provided in the OptiSystem.
      My approach was to change the properties of the Optical fiber to feed the properties of Chalcogenide Glass Fiber but it doesnt seem to be the right method.
      Could anyone please briefly explain how can i implement a “Chalcogenide Glass Fiber” in OptiSystem please?

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Hui Jing,

      Simulating a chalcogenide fiber can be as easy as changing the dispersion parameter (D) and nonlinear index of refraction (n2) in our Optical Fiber component. Of course for more accuracy, it is better to correct as many parameters as possible. For instance, the effective area of a highly nonlinear fiber generally should be much smaller than that of an SMF – 28 fiber, which is what our default settings represent. Going deeper, you might also want to add third order dispersion and in this case you would want a B3 that corresponds to your fiber.


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