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Call OptiSystem BER Calculation

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Attached is an m-file that runs a OptiSystem simulation using its own random binary signal and calculates the final BER.

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    Damian Marek

    Attached is an m-file that runs a OptiSystem simulation using its own random binary signal and calculates the final BER.

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    Damian Marek

    Matlab code follows:

    clear all;

    NrOfInt = 255; % Number of integers per frame
    M = 8; % Number of bits per symbol
    NrFrames = 10; % Number of frames to be transmitted

    % Generate the matrix with integers to be transmitted
    IntSignalin = randi(2^M-1,NrOfInt,NrFrames);

    % Converte integers to binary numbers
    for swint = 1:NrFrames
    BinarySig(swint,:) = reshape( dec2bin(IntSignalin(:,swint)) , NrOfInt * M, 1 );

    % Setup bit rate and time window for tranmission of each frame
    BitRate = 2.48832e9; % bits/s
    NrOfBits = NrOfInt*M + 2;
    TimeWindow = NrOfBits / BitRate;

    % Calculate global parameters of OptiSystem to receive the bit sequence
    % from Matlab
    GlobalNrOfBits = 1024;
    GlobalBitRate = GlobalNrOfBits / TimeWindow;

    % OptiSystem cosimulation ————————————————-

    % create a COM server running OptiSystem
    optsys = actxserver(‘optisystem.application’);

    % Section looks for OptiSystem process and waits for it to start
    % Execute the system command
    taskToLookFor = ‘OptiSystemx64.exe’;
    % Now make up the command line with the proper argument
    % that will find only the process we are looking for.
    commandLine = sprintf(‘tasklist /FI “IMAGENAME eq %s”‘, taskToLookFor);
    % Now execute that command line and accept the result into “result”.
    [status, result] = system(commandLine);
    % Look for our program’s name in the result variable.
    itIsRunning = strfind(lower(result), lower(taskToLookFor));
    while isempty(itIsRunning)
    % pause(0.1)
    [status, result] = system(commandLine);
    itIsRunning = strfind(lower(result), lower(taskToLookFor));

    % Open the OptiSystem file defined by the path
    directory = strcat(pwd,’\OpticalLinkProject.osd’);

    % Specify and define the parameters that will be varied
    ParameterName1 = ‘Filename’;
    InputSignal = ‘OptiSysSequence.dat’;

    Document = optsys.GetActiveDocument;
    LayoutMngr = Document.GetLayoutMgr;
    CurrentLyt = LayoutMngr.GetCurrentLayout;
    CurrentSweep = CurrentLyt.GetIteration;
    Canvas = CurrentLyt.GetCurrentCanvas;

    % Set the global parameters correctly
    CurrentLyt.SetParameterValue(‘Bit rate’, GlobalBitRate);
    CurrentLyt.SetParameterValue(‘Simulation window’, ‘Set time window’);
    CurrentLyt.SetParameterValue(‘Time window’, TimeWindow);

    % Specify the components that will have the parameters updated
    Component1 = Canvas.GetComponentByName(‘User Defined Bit Sequence Generator’);
    Component1.SetParameterValue( ‘Bit rate’, BitRate/1e9 )

    Component2 = Canvas.GetComponentByName(‘Low Pass Bessel Filter’);
    Component2.SetParameterValue(‘Cutoff frequency’, 0.75 * BitRate/1e9);

    Component3 = Canvas.GetComponentByName(‘Data Recovery’);
    Component3.SetParameterValue(‘Reference bit rate’, BitRate/1e9);

    Visualizer1 = Canvas.GetComponentByName(‘Binary Sequence Visualizer’);

    for swint = 1 : NrFrames
    OptiSysSequence(:,1) = str2num(BinarySig(swint,:)’);

    save OptiSysSequence.dat OptiSysSequence -ascii;

    % vary the parameters, run OptiSystem project and get the results
    % Set component parameters
    Component1.SetParameterValue( ParameterName1, InputSignal );

    % Calculate
    Document.CalculateProject( false , true);

    % get the bit sequence recovered from OptiSystem
    GraphBinary = Visualizer1.GetGraph(‘Amplitude’);
    nSize = GraphBinary.GetNrOfPoints;

    arrSig = GraphBinary.GetYData( CurrentSweep );

    SignalOut = cell2mat( arrSig );

    BinaryOut(:,swint) = SignalOut(3:2:2*(NrOfBits-1),1);
    BinaryIn(:,swint) = OptiSysSequence(:,1);
    BinaryMat = reshape(BinaryOut(:,swint), M, NrOfInt )’;
    % convertes the binary data to integer
    Intmsg = bin2dec(num2str(BinaryMat));

    % Calculates the bit error rate and the number of errors detected
    [number,ratio] = symerr(BinaryOut,BinaryIn);

    disp(‘The BER calculated is:’)
    % close OptiSystem

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    Dhiman Kakati

    Thanks Damian Its really a great step.


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    Dhananjay Patel

    Thanks Bryan, i was also in the search of the same.

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    gaganpreet Kaur

    Thank you so much Damian it is going to be great help. i have been looking for matlab co-simulation for quite some time just because MATLAB simulink gives some flexibility over opti-system though we have optisystem defining new components. i had rather left my design of digital back-propagation via virtual fiber bcoz i was unable to co-simulate matlab simulink and optisystem. but i can resume my work.thanks again.

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    Alessandro Festa

    Thank you Damian!

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    Rafik Hisham

    Hey Thanks Alot for this code
    I Got This Error i don’t know what’s this :
    Error using feval
    Server Creation Failed: The requested operation requires elevation.

    Error in actxserver (line 87)
    h=feval([‘COM.’ convertedProgID], ‘server’, machinename, interface);

    Error in MATLAB_optisystem_cosimulation (line 35)
    optsys = actxserver(‘optisystem.application’);

    • #39354
      Damian Marek

      Depending on your version of OptiSystem the running process may be named differently. This error is coming from the matlab file trying to find the process named: ‘OptiSystemx64.exe’. Before running this m-file open up OptiSystem and find the name of the process in the task manager and replace the name in the given file above.

      Alternatively, you can remove that whole section of code and put a wait statement in (its only purpose is to open OptiSystem and wait for it to be running before starting the next part of the code).

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    Be Asmaa

    Good afternoon, Thanks you Damian Marek for this code
    i am having problem between Optisystem and Matlab.
    when i execute a matlabcalloptisystem.m i got this error

    No appropriate method, property, or field GetLayoutMgr for class

    please help me to solve this issue.

  • #43765
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    Be Asmaa

    hello everyone,

    please i need a help to solve this issus


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