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      windy herlin

      Now, I am doing my final project using optisystem
      I make a TWDM-PON simualtion with 40/10 Gbps.
      in each DS PRBS Genrator, I have setted to 10 Gbps and for each US PRBS Generator to 2.5 gbps
      My question is about the bit rate parameter in Layout Windows.
      Should I set it to be 10 Gbps or 2.5 Gbps?
      because I already test it, and I get a different result for it
      Hope to get you reply

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      stack programer

      Hi,I think when we have high bit rate, our optic devices has more dispersion,more loss, non-linearity and …
      so we should set worse case for Confidence here high bit rate.

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      Ashu verma

      Hi windy, see your inbox. I have sent you detailed answer and if you will need further help then post here. Other forum members and i, try to solve that problem.

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      Dr. Dhiman Kakati

      Hi windy herlin,
      I think you should put the bit rate in script form and accordingly, you can modify the as per your requirement. I have found better results in most of the cases. This might help you.

      Dhiman Kakati

Viewing 3 reply threads
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