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      Hi, all.
      Have a good day everyone.
      May I know what is the criteria in choosing the bit rate in the simulation?
      Isn’t we have to follow the communication standard such as for WiFi and LTE?
      How about our system only employs the low frequency, what is the exact bit rate that we need to use in the system

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      Marc Verreault

      Good day,

      The BER requirement varies based on the standard (as per your comments). Generally a BER of 1E-12/1E-15 is specified for telecommunication grade systems (low latency and high bit rate 10 Gbps/100 Gbps). For WiFi and free space systems the requirement is usually between 1E-6 up to 1E-12 (the requirement varies based on the application area, such as low bit rate systems or when a certain level of packet loss is tolerated). Also many many systems these days (such as the new WiFi standards) employ advanced error coding which will bring a system operating even at 1E-3/1E-4 up to 1E-12/1E-15 and higher.

      For your design work I would say 1E-9/1E-10 is a good metric to work from (it’s quoted frequently in text books).

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      Hi, Marc Verreault.

      Now I’ve understood it..
      Thanks a lot.:)

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      muhammad jawad

      There is no fixed rule in selecting the data rate in a specific design.The thing matter is BER which must be low to guarantee reliable communication.Also bit rate depends on your requirement

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