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      Brian Pamukti

      Good Morning, everyone.

      May I ask something, about rise time budget. Here, i want to discuss about bit periods.
      As we know that if I choose bitrate about 10 Gbps. So, the Tr (bit period) is 1/10 Gbps = 100 ps.

      And if I use 40 Gbps, the Tr is 25 ps, isn’t?

      Now, my system is NG-PON. So i used 4 wavelengths and multiplexed by AWG.

      The question is, how about the Tr of my system?

      Here, i also attach some pictures of Optical Time Domain Visualizer for 10gbps, 20 gbps, 30 gbps and 40 gbps aggregated.

      bits are “0101101110” i used 16 bit sequence

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