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      Harjeevan Singh

      Hi….I am simulating 16 QAM OFDM based Free Space Optical system in optisystem. I am using BER Test set to evaluate bit error rate performance. But the value of BER is changing every time. For example, at first it is showing 32.2X10^(-6) and next time it is showing zero for same system parameters…..In one more example, it is showing 0.00027 and next time it is showing 0.0017 for same system parameters. So I do not know which values should be considered…Kindly help

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Harjeevan,
      One issue that could be the cause is the number of bits used in the sequence. You need to increase that until you get relatively stable results. Please remember that there is random noise in the system which causes the results to vary from trace to another.

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