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      Aseel Rwaidi

      wish you a good day
      I’m constructing a 20Gbps QPSK-RoFSO system operating at 60GHz and trying to simulate a BER Vs. SNR curve
      The problem is that although the system gives a very good constellation with a very low ISI after the signal is detected, the BER curve gives poor and illogical results! As you can see in the first three pictures!!
      So I would like to inquire how to connect (BER analyzer) to the system properly to give logical results, knowing that I used two methods to connect (BER test set) with (BER analyzer) to the system as in the fourth and fifth screenshots, and then I used the same methods in other simple systems as shown in the sixth and seventh screenshots but in all cases the results were giving the same value with an illogical curve!!
      I am so confused !! What should I do ? any help?!
      Another question, is the connection of the (electrical carrier analyzer) suitable at the given last screenshot to give correct SNR results? If not, where should it be connected?
      note: the other images are attached on the responding area
      With my all appreciation

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