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      Good evening

      I would like to simulate the behavior of a structure composed by a periodic array of nanoholes on an aluminum layer.
      If I select in the simulation parameters the option PBC boundary conditions my structure turns automatically periodic?
      I want to transform the structure that I’m sending in attach in a periodic one, symmetric and 3×3 with a pitch of 0.5um.
      How can I do that?

      I’m using the 32 bit free version.

      Best regards

      Miguel Simões Rosa

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      Damian Marek

      Please follow the tutorial at:

      PBG Layout

      You just might need to change the lattice dimensions and the unit cell type to get your cylinders.


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      Ok thanks for the information! In the menu Lattice Dimensions, in the Crystal Lattice Properties, the pitch could be given by the scale, like in the figure in attach?

      Could you give a quick look to my structure to see if the dimensions and the pitch of 0.5um are the correct ones?

      Best regards,

      Miguel Simões Rosa

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        Damian Marek

        Looks good! The scale is the same as the pitch, (element to element distance)

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      Ok thanks very much! Best regards

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