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      Ekrem KORKMAZ

      I am trying to create a active optical network(AON) in Optisystem. I searched internet inside out. But i can’t find any project or article to help. All projects are about TDM, WDM, GPON, BPON etc. Nothing about active optical networks.
      I know that an AON uses ethernet switch. (And also no project samples in the internet about EPON as EPON is called “Active Ethernet”.) But i cant quite find the right component. When i type “switch” in “find component”, the result is shown in the image following:

      And the system i designed is like that:System i designed for AON
      I don’t know if this is an AON system or not. Can you help me with that? Any help is appriciated.

      Thank you.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Ekrem,
      Please find attached a reference on how to use OptiSystem for AON.
      Which version of OptiSystem are you using?
      you may contact me at ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com

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      Ekrem KORKMAZ

      Hello Mr. Ahmad,

      Thank you so much for that article. But the simulation screenshots look blurry in that one. Still that is a golden reference for me.
      I am using OptiSystem 7.0. I will upgrade it to 17.0 soon.
      By the way, do you suggest any keywords for me to dig my search into AON deeper? How can i find more articles or resources like that article?

      Thank you, regards.

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