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      issah ntoutoume

      I just ask you again the activation key from your opticsystem software. Indeed, I am in class étduiant Master 2 Networks Telecommunications SupdeCo in Dakar, Senegal, and now I’m currently writing my memory of end of study. I used your software because my theme is “The study of the performance of OCDMA codes in optical access networks very high speed.”
      In my research I came across your entieèrement software that meets the needs of my memory, especially with the file that you proposed for the test.
      But it is a trial version of 30 days and three days have passed when I have not even born yet.
      I have to simulate the PON during my defense, so I ask you please, give an activation license to verify my memory.

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      Hi Issah,

      When the evaluation was only 7 days and we had to ask for an extra 30-day evaluation, I think we had to mail evaluation@optiwave.com to ask for the extra thirty days. You can either contact that, or contact Optiwave via info@optiwave.com stating your request or asking for monthly lease terms if you are interested (I’d contact via the second address).


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      issah ntoutoume

      Hi Alistu,

      I thank you for your help, I have already sent an email about once info@optiwave.com, which just there, remained unanswered.

      I hope that with the second mail I get a favorable response.

      Best regards

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      Hello Issah!

      Welcome to Optiwave forums! The complete answer to your question was given by Alistu. From my part, I would like to add that this email has always been used for the evaluations. However, according to my experience, I might take some extra time for Optiwave team to process this request. I might be also the case since it is a weekend time right now… So, please, be patient! 😉

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      Gokul Boro .

      I have also requested for a license for a period of 1 month. Hoping that Optiwave will consider my prayer.

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        Hi Gokul! If you have never used it before, the evaluation license is always going for one month, which starts after first 7 days of trial. That is how it worked with all mine and my colleagues requests. I hope that Optiwave team will correct me if something has been changed recently… Good luck with your evaluation!

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