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      Andrés Gómez

      I am trying to realise an accurate simulation of the performance of a Raman Amplifier working with a low-power pump, so the gain obteined is low too. For this reason, I need a precise value of the parameters “raman gain peak” and “raman gain reference” used in the “Raman Amplifier – Average Model” block.

      I don’t have a clue of what value use.

      I know that the fiber that I am simulating (SMF-28) have an Raman Gain Efficiency = 0.42 [Km^-1 W^-1], and I have the values of the attenuation and effective area. But I not sure if there is a way of convert this parameter into the values that de Raman Block require.

      Furthermore, I have seen and some articles that they use, for the same king of fiber, a value of “Raman Gain peak” of 9.9e-14 m/W. But they don’t indicate what is the value for the “Raman gain reference”.

      I will appreciate any help.

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      Damian Marek


      Sorry for the slow reply! If you are still interested the “Raman gain reference pump” parameter determines at which pump wavelength the gain spectrum was plotted from. In the case of our default component the text file gives the normalized Raman gain.

      If you have the Raman Gain Efficiency all you need to do is include the text file with the Raman Gain Efficiency as a function of frequency offset from the pump.

      If you have any questions let me know!


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      Alessandro Festa

      Hi Andres, ususally articles report the reference at 1000nm.

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