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      صلاح اياد

      I want to connect a program that i worked it in matlab to the optisystem, the working is a type of codes in matlab &I want to transfer it to optisystem…how i can make this…please..

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      Damian Marek


      This is a very popular subject and there are different resources we have available. First I would suggest just running a simple search of the forum for the questions other users have asked. Using their examples it should be possible to get a good understanding of how it works.

      You can also check out our video section and tutorials for help on the subject:

      Matlab Binary Switch

      If you are still having trouble feel free to post your OptiSystem project file and Matlab file to this topic and I can help you troubleshoot it and get it working!


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        Heitor Galvao

        Excellent Damian, actually there are several threads running on the subject.

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        Thanks DamianI think Salaah wants to know hows to call OptiSystem using Matlab. So the info provided in this page might be useful:

        Matlab Cosimulation

        If you can provide us with a link to the files mentioned in the page above(ie. Samples: MatlabOptiSysBER.m and OpticalLinkProject.osd), I would be grateful. Thanks.

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      mohammed mostafa

      thanks Damian

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      Useful info, thanks Damian!

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      you can start with “Matlab & Optical System Cosimulation” using Matlab Call OptiSystem.
      It can be downloaded from:
      Home » Resources » Downloads » OptiSystem – Hot Topics

      This example demonstrates the use of Matlab® software to call OptiSystem and calculate the bit error rate after the OptiSystem simulation.

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      Ajay Vyas

      Some of the examples of MAT LAB Optisystem are available on Optisystem website. You can download do some practice

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