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      We have purchased a license version of the software Opti-FDTD 11.0 a while ago. But little later the same software is made available free at Optiwave website. I want to know is there any difference between the purchased version and free version. Both are for 32 bit.

      Thank you very much

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      Bryan Tipper

      For most FDTD sales, we generally package both 32 & 64-bit together. All new releases will be 64-bit only and compatible with only Windows 7 & 8.

      I believe the main differences between the 32-bit purchased & free are: OptiMode utility & Customer Support. Aurelien Duval would be the best person to provide you with a detailed comparison list (support@optiwave.com).

      Differences between 32-bit & 64-bit are listed here: https://optiwave.com/products/component-design/optifdtd/optifdtd-applications/64-bit-fdtd/

      If you have more specific questions about your license, please email us directly: info@optiwave.com


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      Thank you for the information.

      I have been simulating some tutorials as given in the manual- ‘OptiFDTD Technical Background and Tutorials’. But after simulation , not getting the results as mentioned in the manual. Is there any separate technical support for licensed users. Please provide.

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        Damian Marek

        Hi Subhashish,

        I think this would be a good question to start off a new topic with. In the new topic could you specify which tutorial and the results you obtained along with your project file?


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