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      Hello Administrators,

      I have a query regarding the free version of OptiFDTD(32-bit) being provided in the download option of the ‘Resources’ section at the Optiwave site. We are having a licensed version of OptiFDTD(32-bit). Now i have the following question –

      1. What is the difference between the Free OptiFDTD (available for download at the site) and our Licensed version.

      2. Since Licensed version is installed in our workplace, If i wish to do simulations at some place outside (away from workplace). Can i use the Free version for the same. Will there be any difference in the results.

      Thank you very much

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Subhashish,

      The difference is that the free version does not come with OptiMode standalone software and does not come with customer support (besides the community forums). However, according to our records your organization actually has a license for OptiFDTD 12.0, so I am a little confused.

      If you are using OptiFDTD 12.0 then it will not work to open the project file with the free version. However, if you are indeed using 11.2 then it should be able to be opened with the free version.


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      Thanks Damian !

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