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      Bruce Chou

      I downloaded both OptiBPM & OptiFDTD recently, to model integrated optic passives (RR, coupler, etc). Most of the passives have been described in BPM & FDTD tutorials so that’s been very helpful. However, the simple 45 degree out-of-plane turning mirror was not included. By that, I mean a waveguide cut at 45 degrees and turn either into the substrate or outside. I have construct a model in FDTD, and it seems to work. My question is can this be done in BPM? I have a pretty large overall geometry and FDTD is not a viable option. Or rather, should I create blocks (turning structure, WG, RR, etc), and use OptiSystem to connect them together?


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      Damian Marek

      The turning mirror itself would need to be simulated by OptiFDTD because of the reflections and the sharp turn, which would produce errors using the BPM method. If your structure is quite large then yes you will be required to used OptiSystem to bridge them all together.

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      it means suppose to use two simulation together?

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