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      Last time I had the tab 3D WG viewer, I forgot how to bring it in my window, would you please describe how I can add up this tab again because it would be very important when I am designing to see how is my design sizes and so on, many thanks

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      Steve Dods

      I don’t understand. The 3D WG Viewer tab is always there. I’m not aware of any way it can even be turned off.

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      then how to turn it on? I am looking to know how to bring it back? many thanks

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      is it about the version? because my friend is using version 11 and he has got, I am using old version and I do not have? please let me know

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      Steve Dods

      The 3D Layout Viewer in the tab in the OptiBPM Designer was introduced in OptiBPM version 10 on November 17th, 2009. It has been in every version since.

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      so version 9 will not have this feature at all? anyway to bring for version 9? I get used to work with version 9 and I have version 9 in my laptop, I wish I could have this feature as well for this version. many thanks.

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      Steve Dods

      We liked the 3D Viewer too. That is one of the reasons we introduced version 10. The most recent version is 12.2. There are many other good features introduced besides 3D Viewer. You should try it!

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      would you name some of new feature for version 12? and how it suppose to compare with version 9? is it more smarter? or any positive point that can make me interested on it please share thanks 🙂

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      Hi Mohammadmahdi Ariannejad!
      Just follow the link you will come to know the same. This mode solver finds higher order modes more reliably than older version.
      Home » Resources » Latest News » New Features introduced in OptiBPM 12

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      Thanks Mr RK Sethi but still I cannot see any improvement in case of electro optic may be in future we will see more improvident….

Viewing 9 reply threads
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