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      Shafiq Hadiman

      Hi admin , if may I ask how could I improve the coupling and Q-factor of my design as my limitation on my PC ; Intel i5 5200U, RAM 12 GB 1600 MHz with the mesh quality of 1/10 of lambda

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      Scott Newman


      Your issue is accuracy due to mesh resolution. The 1/10 lambda rule is only a rule of thumb for stability of the simulation in general. There are a number of problems with this guideline particularly with your design.

      1. The rule is actually 1/10 lambda in the highest index material you are using. This means you should be using 0.03897 as a mesh resolution not 0.155. This is where the value is obtained when using the auto setting.
      2. You also need to look at your structure dimensions. Your waveguides have cross sections of only 0.3 um x 0.3x, at 0.155um mesh you have anywhere between 1 and 4 points across your waveguide which is not nearly enough. Further take a look at your structure in the 2D Refr_Idx_Re(y) tab and see how stepped your ring is, you will not achieve accurate results with this configuration.
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      Shafiq Hadiman

      Thank you very much Scott Newman 🙂 , I do really appreciate your bright ideas and guidance as I now might need to recheck back my design procedure and follow all the instruction back in the manual . Thank you very much. Kudos !

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