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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one !

      1. Dear all, i am working on the “Lesson 4: Parameter Sweeps — BER x Input power” as explained in the tutorial. After following all the steps including sweep, i couldn’t be able to make 2D graph between “Power” from the CW Laser on x-axis and “Min. log of BER” on Y-axix. it shows no curve on the graph.

      As shown in attachment in attach graph’s first snap at the top.

      2. After reading some related info at forum i practiced another approach but still Opti sys is showing another error as given below:

      Approach explained at forum: “Perhaps your plot style is set to points and you can’t see them clearly. To verify, right click on the graph, choose Item Properties, then under the Curve tab make sure the Plot Style is set to Line”.
      Error: After following this i got this error massage as attach in Graph.(below snap)

      Kindly help me out as i tring this from last 4 days.
      (I am using Opti Sys 13 on win 7)

      3. Further, Is there any other generic approach to draw 2D graph in Opti sys for any user desired measured parameters or any parameter ?

      I will be very thankfull to u.

      Best Regards

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      Damian Marek

      Hi bilalazis,

      This a new bug for 13.0 and the technical team is taking the steps to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience! In the meantime, to change the points to a line, you can click the blue icon at the top left of the figure and navigate to the Properties option. From there just click on Curve and you will be able to get to that window to modify the curve properties.


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      Heitor Galvao

      excellent: good job

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      Ibn Aziz

      Thanks alot Damian Marek.


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