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      laith kadhim

      i need to design 16 QAM/ 64 QAM for long distance using MZM.

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      Tech Support

      Please see the examples provided in OptiSystem 12 Samples\Advanced modulation systems\QAM systems. We have several examples of 16-QAM systems for long distance.

      For 64-QAM, we are planning to include examples in our next release (OptiSystem 13) for June/July 2014.

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      Ahmad Mustafa
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        Roman Ibragimov

        But actually it doesnt work for optical transmission. We need use LiNb modulators. Also, i am not sure, that 64 qam is good for long distance, because high bitrate and PMD decrease difference between levels. Maybe using equalizer and DSP for 64qam allow to resolve distortion signal level

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      Ajay Vyas

      It will be work, i have design but can we design the 64 QAm for long distance using with out external modulator

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