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      Lakindu Wijesena

      Hi. I have been trying to create a 15 user sac ocdma system, and i have created the fiber brag gratings as well according to the walsh hadamard codings.

      but the optisystem closes when i run the simulation.
      my guess is my global parameters are wrong some how.
      I tried to create it with the 7 user ocdma system which is provided by optisystem.

      Please help.

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Lakindu,

      Are there any warnings given by OptiSystem? Are you using a large amount of samples (bit sequence length, samples per bit)? Are you using a large number of visualizers?

      This type of problem could be caused by OptiSystem running out of memory. Could you also try reattaching the file in an archived format?


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