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Man Mohan Gupta

Dear Scott

Thanks for your response.

Listed below are the answer of questions raised by you to resolve my queries.

Can you confirm for me what version of the product you are using?
OptiFDTD 32-bit ver.

Can you confirm that this error is occuring within OptiFDTD Designer when you edit the input plane and NOT within OptiFDTD Analyzer after a simulation is run.

Yes, this error is appearing only occuring within Optifdtd Designer when I edit input plane. It does not appear within Optifdtd Analyzer after simulation completion.

I wish to add at this point that now if I allow simulation to run only for default number of time steps in simulation parameter window, error message does not appear. In order to get more precise results I wish to run the simulations for longer time. For this purpose I tick on “Run Until user stops Execution, then finalize results” in simulation parameter window. But with this setting error appears in the design file when click on launch plane. How can we fix this error if wish to run simulation for desired number of time steps?

Is it possible for you to provide me with the sequence of changes you make that will trigger that warning on this design.
I set the Half width to 1.5 um under 2D transverse Tab of input. Central wavelength of the pulse is taken to 1.5 um.

Kindly comment


Dr. man mohan gupta