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Scott Newman


Within the Input Plane form under the Sine Modulated Pulse tab you are presented with the time and frequency domain representations of the pulse. The frequency spectrum is obtained through an FFT of the time domain. It would appear that whatever settings you are changing are resulting in too many data points within this FFT and it is resorting back to a “safe” number. I have reviewed your design in OptiFDTD 16.0RC and I am unable to find the settings that reproduce the error.

I have 3 questions/requests:

  1. Can you confirm for me what version of the product you are using?
  2. Can you confirm that this error is occuring within OptiFDTD Designer when you edit the input plane and NOT within OptiFDTD Analyzer after a simulation is run.
  3. Is it possible for you to provide me with the sequence of changes you make that will trigger that warning on this design?