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Finally there is something I want to ask. I hope it will be the last 🙁 where can I design long fiber grating and tilted * sensor. I couldn’t see a separate tool for LFBG.
I can’t get accurate results even if I get turned on for tilted.

User’s Reference and Tutorials say: but i cant find this tool. And other

Setting options in the Long Period Grating Sensor dialog box
In the Long Grating Sensor dialog box, you can define the Strain-optic parameters,
Thermooptic parameters, Cladding, Micro-strain distribution along the grating, and
the temperature distribution along the grating. It is only available for three layer stepindex fibers.
To define options in the Long Period Grating Sensor box
1 File > New.
2 In the New dialog box, click Single Fiber.
3 From the Parameters drop down menu, click the Grating Parameters button.
4 In the Grating Manager dialog box, double-click the desired grating to open
the Grating Definition dialog box.
5 In the Grating Definition dialog box, enable the Sensors check box and click
the Define button to open the Long Period Grating Sensor dialog box

Thanks a lot