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Scott Newman

The translator did a weird job as many of your comments are not clear and we need to clarify a few things

  1. White light – I believe you mean a broadband source which is achieved by setting your source to be a pulse with a sufficiently short duration.
  2. Visible ray area – Do you mean Visible spectrum?
  3. Structure dimensions – You claim your photonic crystal is 100nm, this seems incredibly small. Is your entire crystal 100nm or are the holes in your crystal this dimension.
  4. Grid resolution – You specify that your grid resolution (197nm) is almost double that of some part of your structure (100nm). Your resolution needs to be smaller than the smallest physical feature in order to properly define the space.
  5. Source power – Setting the power to 1W is done by within the transverse tab of the source where you can set either amplitude or power. Is there something else you are trying to set?

Based on your description it is a bit hard to sort out where to even begin addressing your issues. Could you please attached your design file so that I can review what you have done?