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Ranjeet Kumar

Fiber amplifiers used in WDM systems usually make use of control systems as power or gain. Designs Er-doped fiber amplifiers by considering numerical solutions of the rate and the propagation equations under stationary conditions. The model includes amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) as observed in the amplifier Erbium Doped Fiber.
The main difference is related to the amplifier pump scheme selection. You can choose co-propagating, counter-propagating, or bi-directional pump schemes with the option to set wavelength and pump power. Geometrical Er-doped fiber parameters and cross-section curves are required as input files. As output files, you can access gain, output power values, and noise figure determined in the ASE bandwidth set as noise input data.
Enables the design of amplifiers, including EDFAs, that consider pre-defined operational conditions. This means that expected gain, noise figure, and amplifier output power can be previously specified. The amplifier presents the same facilities as a black box model, which enables you to select the operation mode with gain control, power control, or to perform simulations under saturated conditions, as well as define the expected amplifier performance. It is specially suited to perform prompt performance analysis of one or cascaded amplifiers in a long-haul system.