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Dhananjay Patel

I am trying to vary the chirp parameter of the MZM modulator so that the fiber link distance can be increased. Here in this scheme, I am changing the chirp of MZM (making it negative using the equation v= ((V1+V2)/(V1-V2))). The paper has stated that if the chirp is made negative then the signal can overcome chromatic dispersion and will be able to travel longer distance over the fiber without much dispersion.

I am using both the DSB as well as SSB modualtion schemes for the same.

In both the cases by making chirp parameter Negative (for eg =3), the signal is transmitted over the fiber through 80 Kms and back to back. Then photodetected. After detection, the RF power differences are measured between back to back and 80km transmission.

I am not getting the required results. Please help