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Ibn Aziz

Thanks a lot Dear Jaffar for your kind response,

1. I am working in Uni-phase modulation format and u can verify it from the signal graph attached above (I am also attaching it below).
That’s the problem I don’t know why i am still getting two eye diagram ?

2. I’m using NRZ pulse generator and always work in On Off keying format (I am attaching project file where u can verify it)

Further, just for verification, Can u tell me how can I set On off keying in Opti sys 7 because there is no option about OOK modulation format in my setup.

3. As I could not get any solution to this problem so I decided to transmit only “Gaussian pulses” in UWB over fiber transmission instead of “Gaussian mono cycle pulse”, Is this right or wrong decision ?

4. I am searching different references where they have used Gaussian pulses in UWB over fiber transmission but could not find any good reference from reputable confreres/ journals like JLT, OFC etc.

Have u notice any work/research paper/ journal which had used Gaussian pulses in UWBoF transmission ?? kindly share it.

i am thankful to you for ur participation at post.
Best Regards