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Dana Seyringer

I have tried both, first I have downloaded the free ware version from your homepage and instaled it on the computer where we do not have any OptiBPM and Phasar license. Already the first simulation did not work. The tool started calculation but after a few itterations brought the message that there is no license or license server connection. I do not remember exactly, however I sent you copy of this mesage a few weeks ago. I thought it is a problem of our computer and therefore as a next step I instaled the same version on another different computers with the same result. Only one of the used computers was able to finish the AWG simulation (already twice). But after it brought again the same message.

I also tried to copy the working Phasar directory to another computer but you are right it does not work.

Steve, I believe that the tool works on your computers and I am also sure the problem why it does not work on our computers is probably wrong computer configuration or something like that, but the truth is we can not use this free ware version of Phasar and I am so happy that we have one licensed OptiBPM version (including Phasar). I like this tool because I produces “real” results and is easy to use.

Will you be at ECOC in Cannes? If yes, I can bring my laptop with the Phasar free ware version and we can check it. Would it be an option for you?