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The described issue is rare. It may affect language-specific operating systems (typically Chinese, Japanese, some European) which use pictographic fonts and is Windows Theme dependent. It results from a bug in Microsoft libraries and improper rendering/mapping of the font by the operating system.

The issue is extremely difficult to replicate because it may affect just a particular machine. Another computer configured in exactly the same way would work fine. Most of the time, it affects laptops which contain platform specific, proprietary components and their drivers.

To mitigate the issue, we would suggest making changes to one of the following:

– System fonts
Try different font sizes. Sometimes adjusting font advanced settings helps.

– Themes
Very often changing the system theme and its miscellaneous options helps

If changing one of the above doesn’t resolve the issue, try their combinations. Unfortunately, there are many different variants and combinations of the options. It is impossible to determine which ones would work in particular cases.