OptiFiber Applications

Optical Fiber Design Software

Optical Fiber - Fiber Profile

Dispersion Shifted Fiber

In this example, we will show you how to simulate optical fiber that has a triangular with annular ring profile. In addition, we will show you how to optimize given fiber profile to have zero dispersion at 1550 nm by …

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Optical Fiber - Mode Field

Single Mode Fiber

In this example, we will show you how to simulate a simple single-mode optical fiber that is optimized for use in the 1310 nm wavelength region. The main features of OptiFiber will be addressed in this example. You can find …

Optical Fiber - X- and Y-axis scans

Real Fiber Sample

OptiFiber 1.5 directly supports experimental reference. index profiles scanned with the NR-9200 optical fiber analyzer from EXFO Inc. The fiber parameters calculated in that way provide indispensable feedback information to the product designer and reduce the optimization cycle and the …


OptiFiber Overview

The optimal design of a given optical communication system depends directly on the choice of fiber parameters. OptiFiber uses numerical mode solvers and other models specialized to fibers for calculating dispersion, losses, birefringence, and PMD…

OptiSystem Webinar: Matlab and C++ Integration

March 30, 2017

OptiSystem contains a vast library of components and models that allow system engineers to evaluate the performance…

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